31 Mar

Love is so confusing, so surprising… it’s no denying. The perplex moods and emotions that come with being transparent… thoughts of rejection, being good enough, being accepted, not being hurt, not hurting someone else….. It’s crazy! The one thing you do know is that true love only comes around maybe once in a lifetime… while we are trying to date.. court.. and enter new relationships… we are constantly in a state of perpetual comparison especially if you ever felt love for real…Sometimes I don’t know… I know I have loved, but I never felt loved back. I feel as if I have had an encounter with love at some point, but I always wondered what happened. Where did it go? Was it you? Was it me? Was I too naïve? Or is there something still there? buried underneath the hurt, lies, confusion…Everything I’ve ever been in only has made me doubt myself. I LOVE FOR REAL… I don’t like games…hiding… masks… double lives… I really want someone to love me for me… no expectations, limitations, or boundaries as to who I can be with them, my purpose in someone’s life  and their purpose in mine… I need someone who will not be selfish, arrogant, or too dominate… I need compassion, understanding, and partner willing to help me sort through the hurt to get to the real beauty of LOVE…. as I will do the same. I need someone who can be more than just a lover, but a friend, counselor, advisor, mentor, coach, leader, romantic, esteem builder not one who tear’s down,… I want to be able to let my walls and guards down without being ridiculed, ostracized, taken advantage of, used, abused,…. disappointed. I want someone that I can share my deepest secrets, but also my hardest laugh… my tearful eyes, my prettiest smile, my ugly moments, my imperfections, my humanity and soul with. I want someone, that I can continue to discover the best parts of myself with… someone I can be selfless with and receive the same in return. I am afraid, but I don’t want to be. I want to LOVE YOU AGAIN!…ONLY FOR IT TO BE REALER THAN BEFORE…Taking each others hearts into consideration, each other’s love in to consideration, Being a priority instead of a second thought. I would like to be # 1. I need to be #1.  I need to be your first thought at the beginning of the day and before you go to sleep and all hours in between. Every second, I should be on your mind, and you should be trying to figure out how to make my life better… how you can add to me… build me up… send praises and compliments,… just because flowers,… creative cards… adventurous trips… divine knowledge… for I am not just a girl… I AM A WOMAN…, A MOTHER, A FRIEND, A CONFIDANT, A MUSE, A RARETY, A TREASURE, A PRECIOUS JEWEL, A THORNY WOUNDED YET ELEGANT EXOTIC FLOWER,… You can never find a replacement for an original… the key is to open your eyes and see what you really have.  I want to love again.. show me that you are what I have been waiting for, and that this time will be worth it.. no more distant memories … I NEED NEW MEMORIES..I NEED LATE NIGHT CONVERSATIONS…  I NEED A NEW LIFE… I WOULD LIKE TO BE A WIFE SOMEDAY TO A HUSBAND. I’m not saying I want pick up where we left off, but to start over and create the new that we both want… to discard the old, throw it away… LOVE, TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT….I WANT TO LOVE AGAIN….CAN YOU SHOW ME HOW?



24 Mar

Belize wedding.jpgBelize keel-billed-toucan-belize-2011.jpgBelize romanceBelize boardwalkbelize rock.jpgbelize_ss_001.jpg

  1. ***TRAVEL TRIVIA TIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. 1. What is the name of the largest hole at sea in Belize?
    2. How many butterflies do you see in my Belize Flyer?
    **Have you ever considered the Beautiful BELIZE in Central America…? Belize is a country with a rich variety of wildlife, because of its unique position between both North and South America, and a wide range of climates and habitats for plant and animal life.
    belizeBelize cave excursions..jpg***Explore the caves, rainforests, and beaches. See the amazing animals of the tropical forests… Climb and explore the El Castillo Temple at Xunantunich, Belize…or even take a Helicopter and fly over and marveling at the WORLD’S LARGEST SEA HOLE!

Belize Flyer.jpg

Why are people/ some African-Americans fearful or have phobias of adventurous/travel or athletic/ sports activity?

24 Mar

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Blog written by: Joy N. Vaughn

I ask this question because even though I personally think that to live on the edge is exhilarating, excited, thrilling, an gives an energy rush out of this world. I realize that a lot of people, especially people of color, are extremely fearful to live almost vicariously or haphazardly…. Some people work all their lives and have never done anything exciting or spontaneous. I too, have some phobias… but I think the idea of doing something I never have done before outweighs the fear….the idea of a new experience… the idea of being a free spirit… I do understand taking precautionary measures… but I guess I was wondering, how can we be so fearful as to say we would never try things that many of our other counterparts do just for the sake of adventure, spending time with friends, or to feel on top of the world even if for a moment…. to have victories… to defeat the fear giant on the inside… I would really like to see more of our people experiencing even more to life!  I know so many people are fearful of bridges, heights, water, crossing bridges, getting their hair wet, afraid of roller coasters, afraid to ride a cruise ship, afraid to fly a plane… etc. I know not everyone, is meant to .. because of many mental blockages, phobias… or whatever it may be…I wanted to hear from you guys… people of color their opinions on this matter and how to make these adventures in life more appealing and appeasing to the non-adventurer. These are just random thoughts like always… it is not to judge or anything… I just would really like to see our people unafraid…uninhibited…unmoved.. but eager to explore and experience the world. It would be a great honor to start a NO FEAR/ JUST FAITH, FREEDOM, FUN movement.

I do understand being safe and precautious as with anything…do research before trying something new… watch videos,… read reviews…speak with people who have done it before… and always double check the safety and harnesses on anything that may be considered dangerous or unsafe. I would like to know how others feel about this, reviews and some pictures of those who have skydived, white water rafted, canoed, kayaked, hiking, bungee jumped, rock climbed, hang glided, parasailed, rode horses, camels, elephants, took pictures with wild animals, skiing, and any other adventurous travel or activity. I would also like to see pictures or hear stories of a time or place they have gone that really was an adventurous experience. I look forward to hearing back from you all. African American skydive.jpgblack hang glide .jpghang glide black clipartblack skydiving.jpg Parasailing black 2blacks ski619-00821227black horseback ridebungie jumping blackhorseback blackMale rock climber Tommy Caldwell climbing an overhanging route at the Red Rock Conservation Area in Nevada. Tommy is one of the greatest big wall climbers in the world.White water raftingWhite water rafting blackswalking on bridgesky_diving black girl


24 Mar

My cooking Wings

Alright… I know that wings are still a popular appetizer, finger food, and quite simply come in so many flavors that I can barely keep up. How did wings become such a popular thing to eat?… I mean I understand that they are nice foods to eat during sports, or to have at celebrations, …. but for me sometimes just a good plate of wings, a sofa, and NETFLIX does… the trick. Question for my ladies and fellas… Do you prefer for your significant other to pick up some wings and bring them to the house?… Take you out to a restaurant to order wings and you share a plate or order different flavors and swap..?.. Or do you prefer cook for your significant other, Cook together, or want your significant other to cater to you ,your friends, and family…?… This is my second blog…. These are just random thoughts…. Also, what is your favorite flavor wings? Are there any new flavors or recipes that you may have… I’ve just been cooking plain, teriyaki, orange barbeque, Hawaiian Barbeque, Lemon Pepper, Fried, and Garlic Herb…. I would love to try some interesting new flavors… Wings are like potato chips… You can never have enough flavors…Let me know what you think and any suggestions you may have…. feel free to post any pictures.

my cooking chicken 2

My cooking chicken 3

Hello world!

24 Oct

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